Integrated ID card solution

Pioneer in delivering ID card printer solution with higher end security involve customised lamination role or UV protection on the smart card with our complete ID card solution. We empower our client to produce high security cards that build Loyalty and trust.

Time Attendance Access Control Solution

This solution is the simple way to increase security and efficiency of any organisation utilising RFID cards. We offer on higher level authentication through IRIS, Face recognition which provide tremendous benefits to the organisation of every size and scope.

Event Management Solution

Web based application where International visitors can register the event and get the unique ID and can get the badge on arrival to the event. Complete system which can keep track of each visitors and exhibitors. This system provides complete statistics of each visitor, their interest, their experience, project time line etc.

CID Application

Compete biometric based system, where we can combine different unique ID like IRIS, finger or face and match the record to find the criminal. System has capability to scan and match upto 400,000 records per second to the national database. Biometric products involves some unique biological characteristics such as Eye IRIS, Finger print, Face etc. to verify that person’s claimed identity. Much powerful system which can satisfy mid to high level of requirements where security is major concern.

ASSET Management Solution

Our in-house data migration and configuration experts are accomplished and talented specialist in their field. Our team has developed state of art software to manage the assets with help of i-pad or Motorola devices. Turnkey solution have been implemented to Govt. and corporate sectors with lot of options which can satisfy the requirements.

e-Campus Student card

We deliver card enabled solutions and services in a way that adds unmatched value to clients business. Its technology and domain experts command various tools and techniques require to analyse, design and deliver the appropriate solutions. We develop Mifare technology based application ( one card, more applications) like loyalty point in mall and e-campus in universities, colleges.

Queue Management Solution

Our solution is designed to help you create a service delivery environment where customer can enjoy memorable experience resulting into the highest level of satisfaction, consequently making them more loyal to your brand. System can able to manage customer and the counter person’s ability to evaluate and reward.

CCTV Video Analytics Solution

Comprehensive surveillance solution that empower your security staff and drive productivity improvement and make your facility safer and more secure. Specially video analytics will provide the user to discover the problems on spot and take the necessary action to hold the offender.

e-Passport solution

Secure World team is able to provide e-Passport solution with all security concern, developing technology and emerging standard which have led national government to pursue the issuance of more sophisticated Machine readable travel document ( MRTD) to their citizen. This document contains a chip that store information that can be verified against the data on the passport.

Structure Cabling and PABX solution

We provide end to end enterprise network and telecommunication solution with the most comprehensive line of networking products available in the industry. Cabling installation are carried out to the highest standards and our standard and our experience on site engineering team, ensure that the entire installation is fully tested using the latest technology before it is completed and handed over.

Smart Emirates ID Solution

Smart ID is the application where Emirates ID card information can be extract from the smart card and use in different kind of applications. All the fields includes sign, biometric templates can be use for the higher security applications.

Cheque Print Solution

Smart Cheque application is create the professional look of check compare to hand written. It can track all issued cheques even PDCs also can be tracked and get reminders on the PDC issued cheques. Complete database can be link with any existing ERP .