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Purelife General Trading is specializing in promotional, advertising and all types of printing/branding solutions, we are direct from manufacturer, and we can customized all your unique gift ideas. Our experts service provider is the best and creative for all types of events Ideas,Our Logo symbolize as “Power Button” to bring your ideas into reality

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What We Do?

We are passionate in helping business through proposing a relevant and unique ideas, to reach and maximize their business gifts requirements.

We are Driven!​

It is through our passion and commitment to our client to propose better and unique gifts ideas

Quick Support

It is our goal to assist/support our clients for all their related requirements.​​

Lightning Fast

To become a better company for ourselves, and for our clients.​​

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Pure Life
Home of Collectible Giveaways

Laptop Bag

Material: Dacron

Lining: Velvet

Color: Grey, Black

Active for: Branding

Stress Ball

Shape: Heart

Color: White

Active for: Branding


Selfie Stick


Multipurpose 4 in 1 Bluetooth Speaker with Telescopic Selfie Stick,Power bank,Phone Holder Support USB/TF card Self time Speaker


Color: Green

Active for: Branding

We Do Security System

         Pure Life also provide Security Solutions based at Ajman with a very vast experience in the field of specialized integrated security systems & solutions. It’s wide fleet of product range & services placed the company on the dynamic & progressive path to meet the growing needs of security industry.

Most Business Security level

Integrated ID card solution

Pioneer in delivering ID card printer solution with higher end security involve customized lamination role or UV protection on the smart card with our complete ID card solution. We empower our client to produce high security cards that build Loyalty and trust.

Info Board

This solution is the simple way to increase security and efficiency of any organization utilizing RFID cards. We offer on higher level authentication through IRIS, Face recognition which provide tremendous benefits to the organisation of every size and scope.

Your Choice Printing Company in UAE

PureLife General Trading LLC is a full-service print solutions provider specializing in fully-customized printed marketing peripherals and materials for all types of businesses in Dubai and across the UAE.

We cater to print requirements of all sizes, from large bulk orders to small custom print orders. If you are looking for a professional printing company that can deliver in terms of quality and quantity at the same time, PureLife is at your service.

We are one of UAE’s top printing companies today

PureLife General Trading has risen above its competition to become one of the leading printing companies in Dubai and UAE through a firm commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and affordability. We believe in delivering value with our print solutions, so that our clients benefit from the full impact of their branded VIP giveaways, marketing peripherals, corporate gifts, and wearables.

We fully appreciate our clients’ emphasis on urgency with their printed orders, which is why we are always committed to achieving the fastest turnaround time possible for all projects, whether large or small.

We have a fully-equipped production facility, which allows us to produce all types of printed materials, from branded business cards and personalized VIP cards to lanyards and other corporate giveaways. The entire production process is accomplished in house, from design conceptualization to implementation on the actual product. This enables us to have complete control over the quality of the result, the speed of the turnaround, and the affordability of the pricing.

Our printing company has the expertise to implement various print techniques, including heat transfer printing, digital printing, and screen printing.

In addition to producing high quality prints, we can also help your company develop a unique brand to separate yourself from your competition across Dubai and the UAE. As a branding agency, we will help you design an identity that best represents your business.

Partner with one of the leading branding and printing companies in Dubai and UAE today

Find out how we can help you create a brand for your business and produce marketing materials that reflect your corporate traits. Call us at +971 6 767 3039 or email us at info@purelifegt.com.

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